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I'm Fluttershy... o.o

Sun Oct 26, 2014, 7:07 AM
  • Mood: Optimism

(Stole from JINXDROWNED )

Twilight Sparkle

[X] You love magic.

[ ] Your idol is some kind of Mage or Wizard.

[x] You are your teacher's no.1 student. 

[ ] You used to be antisocial. (I am antisocial.)

[ ] You are IN LOVE with books. 

[x] You will not believe anything you cannot explain.

[ ] You have a laboratory/one of your relatives is a scientist.

[ ] You're often the leader of the group.

[ ] You're the brains of the group.

[x] You have anger issues. 

[ ] You have OCD.

[ ] You tend to throw yourself into your studies.

[ ] You like owls.

[X] Dragons are your favorite mythical creature.

Points: 5


[ ] You love fashion.

[ ] You will do anything to get in the spotlight.

[X] You're very generous.

[ ] You want to be popular. 

[X] There is a boy/girl that has a crush on you. (Called my Boyfriend)

[ ] You love jewelry.

[/] You're very polite and you act like a lady/gentleman all the time. (I am polite and can act like a lady but I prefer to be obnoxious. xD )

[ ] You own a business.

[ ] You despise dirt.

[ ] Your least favorite color is green.

[X] You like cats.

[x] You can be very greedy or selfish sometimes. (ono')

Points: 4 1/2


[ ] You love gardening.

[X] You will protect your friends and family no matter what,even if you get in danger.

[ ] Your favorite fruit is Apples. (Don't like fruit, tho bananas)

[ ] You have freckles.

[ ] You're a bad liar. (Not really, I don't lie ofton)

[x] You're very honest.

[X] You have a rather large appetite.

[ ] You have a HUGE family.

[ ] You were born in the South/You have a southern accent.

[X] You were friggin' adorable as a baby.

[ ] You're very independent and to let your pride and stubbornness get in the way of things. 

[ ] You're great at playing instruments.

[X] You're very modest.

[X] You like dogs.

Points: 6

Pinkie Pie

[X] You love sweets.

[x] You're hyper as hell and have limit-less energy.

[ ] Your hair is very poofy/curly,and sometimes it randomly goes flat-out straight.

[X] Your somewhat of an annoyance to the people around you. ( ;w;' )

[X] You love to sing. (But only to myself.)

[X] You like making people laugh and smile.

[X] You're the funny gal/guy of the group.

[x] You can eat alot of sweets and barely gain any weight at all.

[ ] You have a squeaky voice. (Matter of opinion)

[x] You're very random and half of the time you don't even know what you're saying or doing.

[ ] You can predict the future.

[ ] You like alligators.

[x] You're a very happy person and it's rare to see you down in the dumps.

Points: 9 (nooo)


[X] You love animals. 

[X] You're very timid and shy.

[ ]You have a pet bunny.(WANT)

[x] Your voice is very soft and have to repeat you've said most of the time. 

[X] You love nature and you're fascinated by it.

[X] People walk all over you like you are a doormat. (Certan people, most are a lot older then me)

[X] Your shyness affects your social ability. (eh) 

[X] When you act assertive, you friends and family become frightened by you. (Or they yell at me ._.)

[X] You're very modest.

[X] You're very kind.

[/] You get scared easily.

[x] You live near a forest.

[x] You have a weak heart. (Again when it comes to things)

Points: 11 1/2 (Oh god)

Rainbow Dash

[X] You love racing.

[X] You are very loyal to your friends and family.

[X] You love messing around with your friends.

[x] You have anger issues.

[/] You love rainbows.

[/] You always dress in style. (I try)

[x] You enjoy weather and you are fascinated by it.

[ ] Your dream is to be apart of your favorite sports team.

[ ] You like sports.

[x] Your voice cracks.

[x]You're very immature for your age.

[x] You get jealous easily. (..ehe)

[ ] You have a "biggest fan". (If I do please tell me)

[ ] You tend to boast and brag. You're also very arrogant.

Points: 9


[/] You love gems.

[ ] You're the underdog of the group. A time when someone is rooting for you is a rarity to come by.

[/]You can get very greedy sometimes.

[ ] You're the youngest in the group.

[X] You're very kind and you often cheer other people on.

[X] You have a crush on someone,and you hope they feel the same way. (Again, Boyfriend <3)

[x] You often picture yourself differently than from what other people see you as.

[ ] You can be very timid at times and you've worried about getting replaced by someone once.

[X] Sometimes you question who you are and whether or not you were supposed to be someone else.

[X] You're a very sarcastic person.

[X] You're very playful.

[x] One time you almost kissed someone,and it was your friend.

Points: 8


Im a awesome person!

If you like my art, I'd love to get a new watcher, Be sure to watch BRETKNOXX as well for his awesome art!

~:(DA Family):~

:iconbazookatortise: My awesome, have everything in common father :D
:heart:BF Puppy:heart:-
:iconbretknoxx: Puppyyyyy, I love chu~
:iconwublast-animz: Im his little kitty c:
:iconshakidemon: We look inverted xD
:iconx-redspirit-x: My big sissy ;3;
:icontrix-star: ;U; :huggle: I love you sis
:iconstarlight-wish: Jazzy~ :huggle:
:iconsilvur2000: Silver sissy
:iconleothehedgehog071000: Slender siblings FTW!!!
:iconfurythehog: Bro that I cant really talk to much....
:icondarknessthehedgewolf: Cool bro :la:
:iconxultimate-animationx: 8D
:iconbella20021: My irl cousin, I think of her as my irl sis...
:iconsand-the-hedgehog-64:: My partner sense when babies -u- he saved me

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